Privacy Policy

Central Property do not retain your personal information when you visit the website unless you choose to provide us information. However, we do collate and store certain information about visitors for statistical and analytical purposes such as evaluating and assessing information that visitors are most interested or least interested in, identifying system performance or problem areas. 


Central Property may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Amendments will be effictive immediately upon notification on this website.


If you choose to provide us with personal information, then it will be used for the purpose for which it was supplied or could be reasonably expected at the time the information was collected.

Central Property Marketing & Consulting Group may also use your personal information for secondary purposes. We may communicate news, promotional offers or events to you or use personal information for marketing, research, planning and product development purposes. Should you not wish to receive this material from us, you have the right to remove your name from our mailing list at any time.

Information Sharing

Central Property Pty Ltd will only disclose personal information collected to our related entities or third party organisations where disclosure is deemed appropriate or necessary to achieve the purpose of collection or for a secondary related purpose. Central Property Pty Ltd requires all entities and third party organisations, to which personal information is disclosed, to agree to our Privacy Policy and to the strict conditions governing its use. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to third party organisations your personal information unless prescribed by our Privacy Policy or by the law.

Central Property Pty Ltd will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless we believe it is necessary, except as stated in our Privacy Policy

Contact Forms

When you fill out a contact form wishing to get in touch with us, we will collect that information and use it to get in touch with you in response to your query. We may use the information to reach out to you to inform you of some of the services we provide, provided it is in line with your original query.

Mailing List

If you sign up to one of our mailing lists, this means that you have opted-in and have consented to us sending you emails relating to what we do and provide as a company. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you. We send all emails as per the guidelines set out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. You can read more about this in the direct marketing section of this privacy policy.


What we collect from your online activity uses cookies and other digital identifiers that fall into the following 3 types:

  • Site performance indicators: these give us information on how our websites are used, so that we can make the necessary improvements or amendments to make your experience a better one.

  • Analytics Cookies: these give us the statistics to understand how many people are on our website, which areas are popular and which areas we need to work on.

  • Advertising Cookies: we use these cookies to understand what type of advertising would be better suited to someone like you. That way, you would receive ads that are more likely to be relevant to you.


Cookie rights: You can always disable the use of cookies by changing the security settings of your browser. Just bear in mind that this may affect how some items are displayed on our website.

Data Security

At Central Property, we keep your person information accurate. If you find that any information we hold about you is incorrect, you can contact us at or as person contact details below and we will endeavour to assist you with your questions.