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With over 27 years’ experience in New Home and Land markets Central Property takes pride in the long-term relationships made with Land developers and customers over this period.

Our commitment to value and quality, and you can rely on us to offer you the best results and outcome in the market. From house and land packages, knock down rebuilds, we also have townhouse development / town planning and first home buyer services available to help you fulfill the project you always wanted.

Our beliefs are Listen, Design, Create and Build with excellence of quality and craftsmanship that we would be proud to call a Central Property home.

We listen to your needs and then we design and build the desired project according to your own requirements. Central Property is widely known around Melbourne, Australia for offering a very high quality, extraordinary craftsmanship and dependable solutions that you can always rely on.

At Central Property you will access a proven, very professional process and a stellar hands-on approach. Our clients always have a peace of mind knowing that their ideas will come to life in the best possible ways. Our commitment is to offer customers solutions that are spectacular, dependable but also customisable according to their own requirements.


Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us if you are interested in townhouse development, house and land packages, floorplan customisation or any other project. Our team is more than happy to offer you the best solutions on the market with full transparency at each stage and step of the processes.


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